About us

Global oncologist Network (Huanyu Dakang Medical) was founded in 2013, and has been committed to the personalized treatment and precision treatment of new cancer drugs for 10 years. The company cooperates with major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and experts in China, the United States, Japan and Europe to promote the research and clinical application of new cancer drugs and technologies. As a global medical platform, the company integrates global oncology experts and new drug and technology resources to help thousands of cancer patients receive new drug and new technology consultation and treatment in China every year, and helps many high-end customers to go to the United States and Japan to receive anti-cancer treatment. After ten years of development, the company has become a close partner of innovative drug manufacturers, a medical platform for oncologists, and an anti-cancer assistant for cancer patients. In the next ten years, we will continue to work with patients to fight cancer and conquer cancer as soon as possible!
Department of Medicine – Departmental structure
Research and consulting center
The Research Center for New cancer drugs cooperates with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to promote the progress of new drug research and development and domestic market progress, and cooperates with tumor centers and experts in domestic and foreign hospitals to help patients receive new drug treatment at the first time and improve the cure rate and survival rate of patients.
New anticancer technology
Consultation center
The work of the center is to cooperate with domestic and foreign biotechnology companies and hospitals to help patients understand and connect with new technologies at home and abroad. According to the patient’s condition, the center will match new technologies globally to help patients access treatment. The center also cooperates with enterprises to promote the landing and development of new technologies in domestic hospitals.
Consultation center
Immunotherapy is a hot technology in the field of tumor therapy, and the immunotherapy Center mainly cooperates with biological cell research and development institutions to promote the research progress of cart cells, dendritic cell vaccines, NK cells, TILs cells, TCRt and other cell therapy technologies.
Genetic Testing and cancer Screening Counseling Center
The center cooperates with various genetic testing institutions to provide patients with affordable testing methods. The Center also works with cancer Screening agencies to promote cancer prevention and screening efforts, help families of cancer patients screen for cancer risk, and provide interventions.
International consultation
Consultation center
The International consultation center cooperates with experts from cancer hospitals at home and abroad to help patients obtain standardized treatment and individualized treatment plans through consultation and multidisciplinary consultation, timely docking of technologies and drugs, avoiding misdiagnosis and mistreatment, and improving treatment effect and five-year survival rate.

Join the group of cancer patients, experts give weekly lectures, regularly answer questions, patients help each other, share anti-cancer experience, medication experience and medical experience to assist cancer experts lecture group rules:
1. In order to ensure the quality of patient communication and maintain a healthy communication environment, medical consultants are required to review joining the group.
2, cancer friends group is a platform for cancer friends to exchange treatment, and it is prohibited to publish topics unrelated to treatment;
3. It is forbidden to publish political topics and pornographic information;
4, prohibit the release of all kinds of drugs, health products information;
5, prohibit the release of hospital promotion information;
6. It is forbidden to attack each other, abuse or other vulgar language;