CAR-T therapy for solid cancers

CAR-T therapy for solid cancers

Undifferentiated thyroid cancer curd by CAR-T

In 2015, Movie director Chen Xunqi was diagnosed with undifferentiated thyroid cancer, underwent surgery and multiple chemotherapy in Beijing, and gave up chemotherapy;
In 2016, PS score is 3 when he is in hospital, skinny, and decided to try car-t therapy after two courses to make the tumor disappear;
In 2017, it was tested and rechecked, normal; in 2018, it was tested and rechecked, normal;

CAR T Cell Therapy


CAR T Cell Therapy

T cells enter tumor tissues, secrete immune checkpoint antibodies (PD-1, CTLA-4 and other antibodies), and gradually change the tumor local immunosuppression microenvironment

CAR-T in T cells kill target tumors and releases cytokines to up-regulate MHC expression and expose tumor antigens. Meanwhile, immune checkpoint antibodies reduce tumor local microenvironment T cell (TIL) inhibition, and infiltrated T cells begin Start, activate and multiply.

CAR-T & TIL produce a cluster effect, turning tumors into an immune battlefield, killing all kinds of tumor cells together and turning them into hot tumors, completely destroying tumors and forming effector memory T cells, reducing the possibility of tumor recurrence.

The first authorized invention patent: ZL200480010578, which covers T cells and NK cells expressing all antibodies
Three authorized invention patents expressing full-length antibody: US9029133B2; ZL02813819.8, ZL200480010578.X
6 national invention patents are classified

R&D Stories

In 2003, our center began to explore the expression of full-length antibodies in hepatocytes. The earliest international use of gene therapy to express full-length antibodies
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6. Technology for expressing full-length antibody, authorized 2 patents( ZL200480010578; US10/554,902)

1. In 2015, one invention patent was authorized (T cell)
2. The 6 national invention patents(classified)
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CAR T Cell Therapy CAR T Cell Therapy CAR T Cell Therapy CAR T Cell Therapy CAR T Cell Therapy