About Us

About us

We offers customer centric cervices and customized medical tourism services guiding the Patients to choose the right doctor/specialist, right hospital and affordable cost through the network hospitals in Beijing and other major cities in china.
As the requirements of medical services differ from patient to patient, We offers flexible approach to our clients and provides comfort level of home away from home to our clients.
Network with major corporates, Super specialty hospitals with world class treatment facilities and with internationally renowned specialists with a patient friendly approach.

Why choose us

The Most Experienced Team

From the moment you make first contact, your case will be managed by one of our experienced and qualified MTC´s (Medical Consultant), who have more than 15 years of combined experience. We have successfully assisted over 1500 foreign patients to complete their goals of health ! You will be communicating with reliable professionals who will guide you through the entire process. We are always working on behalf of your best interest and safety.

Immediate Response Guaranteed

From your first inquiry, to all of your subsequent doubts or questions, our highly experienced team (Medical Tourism Consultants) will provide the answers you need on an immediate basis, and they will take care of you during your entire medical tourism experience.

Accurate/Useful Information Provided

Our team has managed more than 1500 cases of international patients in the area of Cancer, Their perspective along with all recommendations of our surgeons, will make you feel comfortable.

Medical Coordination

Our International Center will provide streamlined access and individual support for our international patients. We will work with patients and families to streamline administrative requirements, coordinate the complex process of treatments, and reduce worry and anxiety for each and every one of our patients.

Language Assistance

Hospital recognizes that the communication between the medical team and the patients has a significant effect on patient care. Therefore, we provide English language assistance for the patients whose preferred language is not Chinese-Mandarin, as well as other languages upon special request. Subject to availability.

Travel Services

• Hotel Reservation } • Airport reception and transportation services to the hospital(24-hours advance booking required). • Visa extension assistance

Our Vision & Mission

Integrating China's Advantaged Medical Resources

Patient First

Our patients and their families will be at the heart of what we do and their experience with us will meet their fullest satisfaction.


Each person we encounter is considered unique and valued. We believe in respecting the differing needs of our patients and the diversity in our staff.


We continuously strive for highest quality in care, providing the greatest benefit to patients, and to do the best job we can.

the earlier you start your treatment, the higher your chances to achieve Complete Remission (CR)


Hematology Oncology Specialist

zhu jun

Lymphoma Internal Medicine, Peking University Cancer Hospital

Peihua (Peggy) Lu, M.D

Clinical Professor

Junfang Yang

Hematologist Clinical Associate Professor

Xian Zhang

Clinical Professor