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What is CAR-T?

CAR-T cell therapy is created by adding a new receptor (or hook) to a patient’s T cells. This receptor is called a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR.Their body’s T cells with the CARs added are now called CAR T cells.

The patient’s new CAR-T cells are returned to their body through an infusion. The new CAR-T cells may work within the body to find their match on specific cells, which include normal cells and cancer cells.

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China CAR-T hospitals

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Advantages of China CAR-T

CAR-T Cases

highly skilled China doctors have treated more than 5000 patients with CAR-T cell.

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Multiple CAR-T types

China hospitals have developed more CAR-T cell types, include CD19,CD22,CD123,BCMA CAR-T Cell.

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more than 300 clinical trials

China has more than 300 clinical trials , which ranks 2nd around the world.

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Clinical Effect

The clinical effect of Car-T cell therapy is similar to that of USA, some is better.

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our services

Consultation and evaluation

  • Collect patient’s medical records through E-mail or WhatsApp for the prelim inary evaluation. cart@globecancer.com or calling us on +400-666-7998 to speak to one of our expert Medical Advisors.
    Consultation:Consult with a doctor for more details.
    Medical Evaluation:Offer official medical evaluation to you via E-mail.
    Financial Consultation: Estimate treatment payment. We will provide official invoice to you through E-mail.

Experts second opinions

    Beyond the diagnosis, a second opinion provides us with a chance to ask questions, understand the options, and help in deciding whether to proceed with a potentially risky therapy or not and thereby restore confidence that the treatment plan recommended is appropriate.
    Good medical services provide smart, proactive, and informed choices that patients can trust with confidence.
    Second opinions have been found to bring down cost of healthcare and reduces misdiagnoses.

Language Assistance

Hospital recognizes that the communication between the medical team and the patients has a significant effect on patient care. Therefore, we provide English language assistance for the patients whose preferred language is not Chinese-Mandarin, as well as other languages upon special request. Subject to availability.

  • Service Hours: 8:00a.m- 4:30p.m. During out-of-service hours, on-call interpreters are available for emergencies.

Travel Services

  • Hotel Reservation
  • • Airport reception and transportation services to the hospital(24-hours advance booking required).
  • • Visa extension
  • assistance Remark: For more details,please contact our international center.

Patient Transfer Service

Hospital International Center offers medical air and ambulance with stretcher and wheelchair, rescue vehicle and other forms of medical transport services. Our experienced medical team and parterners will provide the transfer service 24/7.

Medical Coordination

Medical Consultation Providing patients with a free specialist “Evaluation ” on treatment after reviewing appropriate medical records.

  • • Offer cost estimation for the treatment plan.
  • • Help patients understand the treatment plan and coordinate doctors to follow up on the progress.
  • • Medical reports’ collection and preparation • Patient email and correspondence
  • • Offer invitation letter and other documents(medical/non-medical) if necessary.

how much does CAR-T cell cost?

At the moment, there are 3 countries with the largest and most effective CAR T-cell therapy programs


30 000$

China is a world leader of CAR-T cell therapy and bone marrow transplantation. China's CAR-T cell research investment is very huge, second only to the United States. Till now there are more than 300 CAR-T cell clinical trials in progress, the largest CAR T-cell therapy programs in the world for accessible prices. Famous Hospitals have achieved JCI accreditation that guarantees acknowledged “gold standard” of quality and safety in medical institutions.


90 000$

The leading Israeli hospitals are ready to admit patients for conducting CAR T-cell therapy. Modern technologies, experienced doctors, years of foreign patients treatment.
Israeli doctors are worldwide acknowledged highly skilled specialists.


400 000$

Top-class research laboratories and intellectual investments let the USA be an innovator in a variety of medical developments. The USA was a country where CAR T-cell therapy was invented and registered by FDA as a treatment for oncohematology diseases.

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How does it work?

we gets you to the right treatment in four simple steps!

Medical Reports

1. Submit your request

Collect patient’s medical records through E-mail or WhatsApp for the preliminary evaluation.

Medical Case Evaluate

2. Medical Evaluation

Offer official medical evaluation to you via E-mail..Estimate treatment payment. We will provide official invoice to you through E-mail.

Choose Doctor

3. Choose Hospital,Treatment Reservation

Then we help you to come to the chosen hospital for the treatment and assist on every step of it.

Second Opinion

4. Follow-up Care

Follow-ups With Our Clinical And Administrative Staff • Telemedical Consultation For Your Health Condition

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